Add Bloggers Blog Feed with Feedburner | Tips To Create Feedburners Feed


As after creating a Blog every body wants to share their Blog to everyone. Feedburner is a way to spread your Blogs Post via feeds. Feed are used to view the Posts as well as to get informed when a Blog gets Updated. Your Blogger feeds are a means of distributing your blog content to the world. Feeds make it possible to maximise exposure of your blog's content beyond a few visitors browsing your blog. Feeds can be subscribed to via a web portal, news reader, or email. Feeds allow your blog content to be packaged into all sorts of widgets and gadgets and mobile devices that can be displayed just about anywhere.

Blogger automatically produces your blog's feed in both Atom and RSS. RSS is becoming increasingly popular as the preferred format for feeds. Both Atom and RSS were developed to enable people to receive automatic updates of their favorite blogs and websites. While the format of each is different they do pretty much the same job which is to output updated content from your blog in a format that can be easily read in a feed reader.

So Now we will Proceed to Create a feed

First Goto

Create a Feed>

Enter Your Blog URL and just proceed on Next. After your Feed is burnt you can add that feed URL in yours Bloggers Blog

Login to your Blog>


Site Feed>

Enter Your Feed Url There and Save.

Happy Blogging

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